Curate’s Corner: Gimme a Sign!

10431212_801500863201961_3418100565928510366_oGrowing up, I remember learning the old spiritual This Little Light of Mine. As it was sung to us, I had a visual of a candle that we were to hold up and display. When we learned the verse ™Hide it under a bushel? (No!), I’m gonna let it shine∫. I remember thinking of a candle under a bush (yeah I know, that’s different than a bushel) and wondering how the bush didn’t catch fire.

What a silly song…

It was many years later before I understood that the song wasn’t meant to be taken literally. That the song wasn’t about our individual candles and bushes – but being bold enough to share whatever it is that we so often keep inside.

Before last month, if you were new to Rye and found yourself driving down the Boston Post Road you could pass our building without ever knowing what it was. You’d probably be struck by it’s ™unique∫ 1970′s multicolored facade. You may have asked yourself: ™What is that building? Is it a school? Is it an art museum? Is it a temple of some sort?∫

Now, when you drive down the Post Road you’ll see a large vibrant wooden sign, which in bold letters states who we are: ™Christ’s Church and Nursery School∫! Two pieces of an institution central both in its location but also in its importance in this town.

We’ve been here since 1695, and now we’re letting our light shine. We, as a Church – - – but what about we as a people? How do we let our own lights shine?

The nice thing about a sign is that it pretty easily identifies what something is, but as people, we don’t get that sort of luxury. Short of a hand made t-shirt or a tattoo, a physical display of our identification isn’t exactly an option.

If it was an option, what would it say? I’m a parent? I’m a partner? I’m an athlete? I’m a…Christian?

Really, isn’t that the most difficult one? The one that requires the most of our actions? Doesn’t displaying that we are Christian require the most of our character? It’s the one that requires us to forgive when it feels better to hold a grudge or to give when it feels better to hold on to our own security. If only we could have our own signs, it would be easier,

For those who drive by Christ’s Church for the first time, our new sign is an identifier, but for her members it’s a reminder of who we are and who we claim to be. It’s a reminder that we are members in the Body of Christ and have no option but to express that membership by acting in radical and often countercultural ways.

Let it Shine!

Introducing “CCRye Loveys”

unnamed 2Starting this Fall, join Deacon Dorothée in preparing security blankets, aka ™Loveys∫, for distribution to local hospitals and the Carver Center. Whether knit, crocheted, or sewn, every child deserves a handmade Lovey. Meeting once a month for a discusion and to share projects, this group will prepare Loveys to be blessed in a service here at Christ’s Church and distributed to local children in need. If you don’t know how to knit or crochet, no problem, we can get you started! Please contact Deacon Dorothée ( for more information.