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Sunday, August 26, 2018: 9 am: Grace in the Garden: One Service of Holy Eucharist II

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Hurricane Matthew and Haiti: How can you help?

Posted by Mary McCarthy on OA8er @ 8:52 AM

The devastation from Hurricane Matthew in Haiti is unimaginable: over 1000 deaths, and more physical damage to an already struggling country. There are rising concerns about the spread of cholera, and clean water and food are immediate priorities.

How can you help?

Christ's Church has had a partnership with the city of Les Cayes and BTI (the Bishop Tharp Business and Technical Institute) for over 16 years.  Les Cayes was in the direct path of the hurricane and relief efforts are underway using BTI as a central shelter and resource point for the community.

We are currently accepting donations that will be matched to at least $5,000 by the Outreach Committee at Christ's Church. 100% of your donations will be sent directly to BTI to provide aid in the form of water, food and shelter.

All checks can be made out to Christ's Church and clearly earmarked for the BTI/Haiti Fund. All donors will be given a statement recognizing their contribution for tax purposes. Please feel free to forward this information to friends outside of Christ's Church who are looking for ways to directly help the people of Haiti.

Thank you for your consideration.
The Outreach Committee, Christ's Church Rye

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